James Kent is The Movie Morlock

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Welcome to the first episode of The Movie Morlock. Listeners and Subscribers of Stuff We’ve Seen may experience some confusion. Don’t be confused. Don’t be afraid. It’s the same old host, James Kent, but a slightly different show. Each week The Morlock will bring you a discussion about a film, or films, both past and present. Sometimes the Morlock will go it alone, but he will also have guests. Guests are welcome. Do you want to be a future guest on the show? Reach out to the Morlock.

About the Movie Morlock

James Kent is the Movie Morlock. James is the former host of the Stuff We’ve Seen podcast. His film knowledge stems from decades of movie-watching, ushering at the local multiplex in high school & college breaks, and an MFA in film & television production at NYU. All movie genre’s are appreciated, but the Morlock particularly loves Neo Noir.