Introducing the Movie Morlock

Welcome to the first episode of the Movie Morlock podcast. Each week the Morlock will bring you discussions on films, past and present. A lot of what the show is from week-to-week depends on what the Morlock watches. Sometimes he’ll bring on a guest or two, and other time’s he’ll go it alone.

On this week’s episode, The Morlock talks about 2 films playing on the Criterion Channel. The first is one of The Morlock’s favorite Martin Scorsese films, After Hours. Featuring a stand-out performance by Griffin Dunne, After Hours is often referred to as one of Scorsese’s minor works, but if you haven’t seen this movie, take a listen to what the Morlock says about it, and then go and discover the genius for yourself.

Next up is a new add-on to the Criterion Channel’s Neo Noir series. It’s a film that the Morlock felt should have been part of the original lineup, and now he’s happy it’s there. The 1981 debut film of director Michael Mann, starring James Caan in a career-best performance, and a brilliant late-screen debut of Robert Prosky. This is Neo Noir at it’s most neo, and neon.

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